Check out photos from Amy's Yoga workshop at The Renaissance Charter School in Queens, NY. Students participated in a yoga class, partner challenges, games, and learned about how yoga can help students in the classroom and in their homes, schools, and communities.

"When my partner and me were doing the Double Down Dog for the first time it was hard, but we kept on trying until we got it better. In yoga there is no right or wrong or couldn't; nothing negative."  (Third Grade student, Queens, NY)

"[My son] loves yoga classes. He is so excited when it's Tuesday.  Controlling his body can be a challenge, but he's gained confidence from his time on the mat. Thank you for your kindness, creativity, and for sharing the joy of practice." (Pre-school parent, Boston, MA)

"We learned different poses that help you with different things, like chilling out, taking energy in or out, or strengthen our determination or our focus." (Fourth Grade student, Queens, NY)

"You are amazing and so loved; the world needs more of you!! I am so grateful that you have come into my life and the studios. You have already touched so many with your gift." (Studio Owner, Boston, MA)