Professional Development

In today's world, children are more at-risk for dealing with adverse experiences and are faced with more stressors than ever before. Many children are challenged by impulsivity, difficulty with attention and focus as well as regulating emotions. For some children, these challenges may be related to a diagnosis. Many children, however, simply have not yet learned the skills to navigate life challenges.


Practicing yoga and mindfulness skills can support children to better understand themselves and others, and connect successfully and joyfully with the world around them.


Amy offers Professional Development and Trainings for educators, parents and others who care for children.  In these courses, you will learn and practice simple, effective yoga and mindfulness tools to utilize with your students and children. Teach your children and students to take a deep breath before they react or take a test.  Increase classroom community or improve family communication and connection.


Contact Amy for more information about scheduling a Professional Development course or Training at your location.