Hearts and Minds Yoga

with Amy Hrobak, Yoga Instructor and Social Worker

Amy is a Boston area Yoga and Mindfulness instructor for children, teens, and families. She is certified to teach children, teens, and adults and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Amy’s professional experience as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker for children, teens and families is profoundly beneficial and complimentary to her yoga teaching. She also has a certification in School Counseling in the State of Massachusetts.

Since 2002 Amy has worked with hundreds of children, teens and families with varied social-emotional and behavioral needs, and cultural and familial backgrounds. For the past five years, Amy has worked as a Guidance Counselor for the Boston, Arlington, and Cambridge Public Schools. Her extensive experience lays the foundation for her highly sensitive and compassionate teaching approach.

Amy teaches yoga and mindfulness in schools, community centers, group homes, studios, after-school programs, and private homes.  She offers professional development and trainings on practical uses of yoga and mindfulness for those work with and care for children and teens.


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Enhancing Children's Well-being Through Yoga and Mindfulness